Greater things

There’s a lot going on in downtown Fort Wayne these days – so much so, in fact, it can be hard to see all the activity as part of a greater vision. Our friends at Greater Fort Wayne Inc. turned to us to help share that vision – and inspire our city.

Working closely with the outstanding team at GFW Inc., we pulled from all areas of our agency’s expertise to produce “Opportunity on the Edge of Greatness” – a campaign and video that focused on the plan, the purpose and the people of our community. Using drone footage and 3D mapping, we pinpointed exactly where each of the downtown’s five key developments will take shape. These five attractions – the downtown event center, The Landing, Riverfront Promenade, GE Campus and STEAM Park – will turn historic Fort Wayne staples into areas of entertainment and community involvement.

Highlighting the success of recent expansions such as the Tincaps Stadium and the renovation of the Embassy Theatre evidenced the supportive, thriving nature of our downtown – and how much potential it still offers our city’s future. A project for our community is one we’re grateful to put our name on. And although it’s a long-term plan, it’s been a long time coming.

Defining the difference

For more than 50 years, IPFW has established itself as a local icon and global institution. Over the past year, we’ve been happy to help them explain what is it that makes them different.

Working closely with IPFW, we helped create the Don Difference Series to share highlights of the countless research, scholarly, and creative endeavors on campus. These vignettes showcase the university’s commitment to excellence in higher education and integration of campus and community. The vignettes offer a first-hand glimpse into the social, cultural, and scientific innovations happening right here in Fort Wayne.

“At IPFW,” the school says in introducing the series, “curiosity makes history, passion inspires awe, and Mastodons leave big footprints.”

That’s the Don Difference – and that’s the story we’ve helped them tell.