April 21, 2016 Ferguson Advertising

Home Sweet Home

Want to know something agencies struggle with all the time? It’s “practicing what we preach” – getting so busy on behalf of clients that we fail to prioritize our own marketing and positioning. As we continue to grow our digital offerings in particular, we realized the time had come to practice what we preach online.

Developing websites is a unique challenge – finding that harmonious balance between information and aesthetics, details and design. We wanted our new site to showcase who we are, most importantly through what we do – bringing our work front and center. We also wanted it to be easy to navigate, responsive and beautifully designed (of course). Lastly, we wanted to create a centralized location that pulled in our entire active social media presence.

The result? Well, we’re a bit biased, of course, but we’re quite proud of the new fai2.com. By putting our work front and center, it’s helping us practice what we preach – and preach what we practice.