January 15, 2016 Kevin Erb

Eat a Peach

The social media world worked itself into quite a frenzy late last week after the launch of Peach, a new social network that popped up pretty much out of nowhere – almost immediately generating a sizable amount of hype and buzz. As happens any time a hot new network sprouts up, marketers everywhere are asking themselves one question regarding Peach: is it worth taking a bite?

In this instance, the answer is almost invariably “no.” Most brands won’t find a strong value proposition or ROI to establishing a presence on Peach, especially right away. This is true for a number of reasons – adequate resources, sufficient manpower, platform experience/expertise, etc.

The sudden rise of Peach does raise an important, broader issue for marketers, however, as this new social app is just the latest example of what seems to be a perpetual challenge for marketers. With both the multitude of existing, established networks and the seemingly endless parade of “next-big-things,” which networks should we be active on? And why?

The natural tendency, of course, is to be everywhere – or everywhere established, at the very least. After all, setting up a presence on a social network is free, so why not be there?

Well, because time isn’t free. Like money, time is a finite resource, especially when it comes to deciding how to most effectively and efficiently utilize it for something you need to get a return out of. Therefore, social media – like all other aspects of marketing – comes at a cost.

Regardless of the buzz, the answer to which social networks marketers should focus their attention on comes down to one simple question: which network or networks are most important to your most important audience? If you don’t know the answer to that question, spend some time really getting to know your most important audiences. If you do know, then you’ve answered the question as to whether Peach – or any other social-network-flavor of the month – is worth a bite out of your social approach or not.