December 18, 2015 Ferguson Advertising

Another year of doing it Best

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of Do it Best Corp. and its unwavering commitment to helping its 3,800-plus members around the world grow their business and achieve their dreams. Do it Best Corp. turned to us to help them achieve their dream – their best annual report yet.

More than just numbers and the bottom line, a good annual report has to communicate the soul and personality of brand. Do it Best Corp. approaches its annual report with this in mind, albeit in a very unique way: They believe it’s through the success stories of its members that they most effectively communicate their brand’s soul and personality.

So that’s what we did – traversing the country, interviewing and photographing members and sharing their stories of success – as well as how Do it Best Corp. helps make it possible. We gave this year’s annual report a retro-style reminiscent of the hardware stores of yesteryear to really drive home the 70th anniversary feel.

The result? An annual report worthy of its momentous year, and full of stories all members around the world can identify with – and take inspiration from. And one that sets the bar very high for years to come.

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