October 16, 2015 Kevin Erb

That special sauce

Based in Indianapolis and operating nationally, Pure Development is a unique commercial real estate development firm focusing exclusively on office, industrial and healthcare build-to-suit projects for some of America’s largest and most well known companies. Their unique mix of institutional experience and entrepreneurial spirit gives them a competitive advantage – and a special story to tell. That’s where we come in.

In addition to developing an entirely new web presence for Pure, we also created a custom brand video to help explain the firm’s “special sauce” that’s been such a foundational element of its growth and success. To tell the Pure story in a visual, engaging manner, we used a mix of graphics and custom photography to bring its mission, vision and approach into one video – a video representative of expertise, experience and effort the team puts into each project. The video emphasizes the unique nature of the firm, the notable scope of its work and the impressive experience of its principals.

Commercial real estate development is a competitive world, and it can be easy for the “big boys” to muscle out the smaller firms through their sheer size and scope. Pure offers the experience of the big firms and the flexibility and personal attention of a smaller one, offering clients the best of both worlds. And through its new site and new brand video, we’re helping them share their unique story with the world.