September 4, 2015 Ferguson Advertising

Pieces come together

Do It Best Puzzle

We all know the statistics: Most new businesses fail within their first year. Even more fail within their first five. It’s an exceedingly rare thing – and a feat of true success – for an organization of any size to survive past those first five or even 10 years. Imagine everything that needs to go right, then, for an organization to reach its 70th anniversary. So many things have to fall into place for that to happen, it’s almost like…a puzzle.

Our friends at Do it Best Corp. are celebrating their 70th year of helping their members grow and achieve their dreams this year, and they were looking for an inventive and creative way to commemorate the occasion. Something that visually captured the many changes and updates the hardware and lumber/building material industries have seen over those many years – as well as subtly communicated how many pieces coming together are necessary to make an anniversary like this one possible.

Our idea? A custom-made puzzle, delivered in likewise custom-branded packaging. This provides members a fun and engaging way to promote their co-op partnership in-store to their customers. Do it Best Corp. just began sharing the puzzles with employees, members and other key stakeholders, and they’re already a huge hit. Building a successful organization truly is like putting a puzzle together – so what better way to show it?


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