April 10, 2015 Kevin Erb

Of mobile milestones – and momentum

Whether the smartphone/tablet revolution has made it easier for us to live more mobile lives – or whether our increasingly mobile lives have created the need for the social_tablesmartphone/tablet revolution, one thing is clear: our society is at once both a mobile and a connected one.

This is, by and large, a very good thing. Staying connected is important for us, both personally and professionally, and we greatly value being able to carry our digital experiences with us in the palms of our hands. At the same time, the momentum behind mobile means many, many things we have traditionally used via our desktop or laptop computers are moving to our mobile devices – and that includes something very near and dear to our hearts.

We speak, of course, about advertising – and mobile advertising is prepared to hit two significant milestones by the end of 2016:

Taken on their own, each milestone says a lot about the incredible growth of mobile advertising. Put together, it’s a serious statement about how the digital advertising landscape is shifting right before our very eyes.

Mobile advertising brings with it any number of challenges for brands, to be sure, but also offers up a number of promising opportunities. More than anything else, it forces us to think differently about advertising – people are interacting with brands on the move, on a small screen, held in their hands. More often than not, what we think of as traditional advertising – even in the digital realm – won’t work. It may not always be the easiest thing to start from scratch when thinking about how to advertise in a paradigmatically different platform – but it may just be the thing we most need.

Mobile advertising is coming – and it’s already here. Is your brand ready for it?