January 9, 2015 Kevin Erb

New Year’s Revolutions

It may be because it’s the new year. Or it may be because CES has been dominating the news all week. Or, and perhaps most likely, it’s a combination of the two. Regardless, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about what trends and developments will dominate 2015 – in the world of marketing, to be sure, but in the technology that makes those trends possible as well.

2015With that in mind, we were inspired to pull together a quick list of a couple big things for marketing and digital technology in 2015 and beyond.

Get smart. From belt buckles to HVAC vents, anything and everything is going smart, i.e., connecting to the Internet via WiFi and making adjustments to themselves as they “learn” your preferences, habits and routines. While some may be of very limited value in terms of actual impact on your actual life, they all combine to emphasize the growing notion of us always being connected to the “Internet of things” (which we’ve also talked about).

Who are you wearing? Fitness trackers have reached that weird equilibrium where they’re both exploding in popularity and still barely scratching the surface in their potential reach and market share. If CES is any indication, wearables will only get bigger in 2015.

Going mobile. If it sounds to you like the third or fourth year in a row where “mobile” is the next big thing, you’re not alone, and you’re not imagining it. That being said, mobile will continue to grow – especially in the shift of ad dollars and marketing budgets.

And going native, too. Speaking of marketing budgets…native advertising (or brand journalism, as it’s also known) continues to grow in prominence. This is both a cause and effect of the shift to digital among many marketing budgets; because of this, brands are looking for new, engaging ways to connect with consumers, in addition to their traditional digital advertising efforts. This also underscores the importance of content strategy.

As always, the question becomes, “What does this mean for me and my brand?” And, as always, the answer is, “It depends.” For marketers, the most relevant of these may be the growth of native advertising and, more importantly, how it underscores the importance of a solid content strategy. Consistently generating high-quality content, after all, provides brands much more flexibility and possibility in what platforms you use to leverage it (such as mobile).

Beyond that, it is always important for brands and marketers to know what trends and developments will impact their world in 2015 and beyond.

Plus, it’s fun to think about wearing a smart belt buckle. Or maybe that’s just us.

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