April 18, 2014 Kevin Erb

What’s next for social marketing?

The world of social media is a fast moving one. What’s hot now may not be later (or swallowed up by Facebook, as is often the case now).

With all the different platforms, apps, sites and other avenues for your audience to spend its time, it can be hard to keep up with the more important underlying principles, strategies and tactics that should drive your social media efforts. Simply put, what are some of the trends impacting the social space for brands in 2014?

The folks at Media Mosaic put together a handy and informative info graphic highlighting the seven social trends – an increase focus on data, visual marketing and social listening, for example – shaping the social media world in 2014 and beyond. Click the link below to check it out – and to see a couple of additional trends we’ve identified and are working on with clients.

In addition to the above, there are a couple of additional trends that started to bubble up last year and will continue grow in importance through this year and beyond:

1. Season of the niche. Facebook became such a popular social marketing tool for brands because it was the anti-niche; literally everyone was on there, making it a more efficient engagement tool for brands. While Facebook won’t go the way of MySpace anytime soon, its user growth is slowing, and young people especially are visiting the site less and less – and at alarming rates. In its place, a resurgence of niche networks, apps and sites are popping up, catering to audiences interested in a breath-taking variety of topics, interests, hobbies, fetishes, curiosities, you get the picture. The downside to this trend? It can be more labor-intensive for brands to seek out and build a meaningful presence on niche networks. The upside? Finding a niche network that aligns with your product, service and/or strategy means you’ve got yourself a much more captive, interested and engaged audience than you’d find on mass networks like Facebook.

2. The natives are restless. The growth of “native advertising” online – brand developing non-invasive, content-driven advertising, moving away from traditional banner ads – as a marketing tool will continue through 2014. Partnering with online sites that help you connect with your key audiences, and working with those sites to develop and deliver high-quality, informative and insightful content isn’t nearly as easy as designing and deploying a banner ad. But the potential positive impact can be much more significant and long-lasting as well.


Social Marketing trends for 2014

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