August 28, 2013 Kevin Erb

Let’s get naked

How well do men understand their own bodies? Do they know the types of cancer that afflict men more often than women, and more importantly, do they know how to spot the warning signs their bodies may be sending them? Or are they just too embarrassed to think about it at all?

These questions were at the heart of Cancer Exposed, a campaign we launched this summer with the great people at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana. We took a group of local men including our own Bob Kiel – stripped them down to their birthday suits and plastered them on billboards all throughout northeast Indiana to help men understand two things – don’t be embarrassed to talk about your body, and there is help and resources available.

The billboards were used to drive area residents to a campaign microsite,, we designed and developed to provide such resources and help. The site presents statistics, symptoms, testing and treatment information on various cancers specific to men. And the billboards…well, the ads draw attention.


The naked truth

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